a little more about me...

I have been working in film, television and video production my entire life. I started by shooting and editing weddings for a number of local photographers in my hometown as a teen. I started my professional career as a line producer for political campaign spots during the mid 90s in Baton Rouge.
In 1997, I moved to New York City and began working on a number of television projects, feature films, festival shorts, commercials and music videos. During this time I worked on many different sized productions from small, 5 people "run-n-gun" guerilla style to full-scale studio feature films gaining experience in everything from loading trucks with equipment, creating and organizing an administration office from scratch and finally how to produce my own projects. I have also developed and written with a partner several television and feature film scripts mostly focusing on dark, fantasy elements primarily for the children and pre-teen demographic. 
In early 2011, I moved to Brazil and developed a relationship with aerial group FlyLab. Soon after, I began to build & fly drones for aerial cinematography. I worked on live sporting events, local news, music videos and commercials as a director, cameraman, pilot and editor.  I have also recently begun working with 3D modeling, animation and VFX for use in video projects and commercials.
In 2015, I decided to move back to my hometown of New Orleans, La.