With over 20 years of industry experience in television, feature films, music videos 

and commercials I offer professionalism and expertise on all types of film, TV or video projects. Currently operating and based in my hometown of New Orleans, La. specializing in ground and aerial cinematography, various visual effects such as 3D modeling, environment design, particle effects, chroma-key compositing and off-line editing. 


Whether it's to capture that elusive aerial view for your film or tv project, an image of your business property for marketing purposes or your house from a bird's eye angle to make that sale, I've got the experience and expertise to meet your needs. 

These are a few aerial cinematography samples from various commercials, video projects and live sporting events using a custom designed and constructed Mikrocopter DE Octocopter, various DJI products & other custom made aerial platforms. Most footage was captured on a Nikon DLSR, GoPro or Sony AS7 in the U.S., Brazil and Europe. 


I'm self-taught and constantly learning. Being familiar with a wide-range of effects from simple color grading and particle effects to 3D modeling with camera tracking, character animation and rotoscoping, I can help find a digital solution for your project. 


Whether it's custom titles for your short film, animating your album cover for a concert backdrop or designing a virtual world for your product, I can create and composite a number of different effects (chroma-key, virtual environments, 3D models, particles, etc.) to design something truly unique for your project.


There are times when you need to bring in a production partner at the concept stage and there are times when you simply need a cameraman. Whatever your needs or what stage you are in, I can assist.


Here are some sample shots from a documentary I co-produced about the wines of the Languedoc region in Southern France and the freak freeze of the summer 2016 called "La Récolte Difficile". Shot entirely in southern France and currently in post-production.


From sporting events and music festivals to campaign rallies and corporate seminars I can cover the event through either a single POV or multi-camera solution. Live-streaming through social media or editing for replication and distribution options also available.

I have included a few shots of different events I did in Brazil mostly utilizing aerial videography in order to cover such sports as drift racing, rodeos, motor-cross and water sports.


Brian Lamia

Writer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer & VFX